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(The following measures will be adjusted in response to changes in the epidemic situation and in line with government policies,Updated: 2020/2/4 6:00p.m.)
Q1. Will NTHU postpone the start of the coming spring semester?
A1: In response to the spread of 2019 Novel Coronavirus, the starting date of 2020 Spring semester has been postponed to March 2nd. The semester will end on June 24th.
Q2. Under what conditions should a faculty member or staff need to report to Division of Health Service? How to report? 
A2: Faculty, staff, and students returning from China, Hong Kong, and Macao (including transit from other countries via China, Hong Kong, and Macao), regardless of symptoms, should stay at home within 14 days after entry, avoiding attending school or office. It is advised to stay in a single room with a toilet facility, wear a mask all the time, and avoid contacting other people. Measure and report body temperature every day in the morning and evening for 14 days. Please report the temperature to "NTHU Division of Health Services on Epidemics (http://0rz.tw/kZFPt). In case your body temperature is above 37.5°C, or you have respiratory tract discomfort and other symptoms of flu, please immediately report to: Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Office Hour Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-17:00 PM) or Student Assistance Division 03-5711814 (24 hours). The Division of Health Service or the Student Assistance Division will contact 1922 and refer you to a hospital for treatment.
Q3. Is the exchange program with Universities of China, Hong Kong, and Macau suspended?
A3: The exchange program form mainland China to NTHU is suspended. The applicants retain their rights and postpone to NTHU in the Fall 2020 semester. For NTHU students who plan to exchange with universities in mainland China in the Spring semester, we strongly suggest suspending the exchange program. The NTHU students who insist on exchanging must submit a plan of the exchange, Declaration Form, and Declaration of Parental consent.
Q4. Will the NTHU Chinese New Year's Greetings Gathering on 2/11 be held?
A4: The on-site Greetings Gathering is canceled. We will record videos of New Year Greetings and have the online lucky draw.
Q5. Are NTHU’s winter camps to be canceled?
A5: 11 winter camps on the second term will be canceled.
Q6. Are the graduate school entrance examinations held as scheduled?
1. The graduate school entrance examination from February 5th to 6th will be held as scheduled.
2. The graduate school entrance examination of the University System of Taiwan on February 9th will be held as scheduled.
Q7. Is the Meichu competition held as usual?
A7: The epidemic prevention meeting on February 4th has decided to leave the decision whether to hold the competition as usual to the Meizhu planning committee.
Q8. The Central Epidemic Situation Command Center requires students and faculty returning from China, Hong Kong, Macau to stay at home for 14 days, avoiding school and office. Do I need to take leave? What type of leave can I apply? Will my grades or salary be deducted?
A8: For those faculty and staff members returning from China, Hong Kong, and Macau without any symptoms – faculty members could apply for sick leave, and it will not be counted toward the annual sick allowance. University staff could use personal leave, sick leave, vacation, or overtime compensatory leave. As for students, grades will not be deducted. The grades may be compensated by retests or other remedial measures; the retest results will be calculated based on the actual results.
Q9. When can students from mainland China return to school? How about Hong Kong and Macau students? 
A9: According to an announcement by the Ministry of Education on 2/3, the entrance of students from mainland China remains suspended after 2/9. Therefore, the specific timetable for students from mainland China to return to school remains to be determined by the government. Hong Kong and Macao students can return to school at any time but need home quarantine for 14 days.
Q10. If a student is unable to return to NTHU in time due to 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), does NTHU offer flexible study programs or online courses?
A10: If a student is unable to return to NTHU in time due to 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) or need to conduct self-quarantine for 14 days, NTHU offers the flexible study programs and online courses. For more information, please check the website at http://academic.site.nthu.edu.tw/.
Q11. How to get support if the materials such as forehead thermometer, disinfectant alcohol, or masks are inadequate?
A11: Office of General Affairs purchases relevant epidemic prevention materials for public area disinfection and emergency official use. All the departments and offices should use their materials properly. The thermometer could be borrowed from the Division of Health Service for student camps. For other supports, please call the Division of Health Service at 03-5743000.
Q12. The students from China are asked to conduct self-quarantine for 14 days after entering Taiwan. How does NTHU to arrange this?
A12: At present, the government has temporarily suspended the returning of students from mainland China. Although the university has made preliminary plans once the suspension is removed, it is still uncertain when they can return to university.
Q13. What are the measures of cleanliness and hygiene of the accommodation area during the epidemic prevention period?
A13: Since January 29th, the following cleaning and sanitation work has been done at least twice a day in the accommodation area:
(a) The cleaning staff wears masks and gloves during cleaning.
(b) Special attention of sanitizing is given to specific locations and places such as elevators, doorknobs, stairway handrails, conference room tables, and chairs, tea rooms, saloons, etc. using 1:100 bleaching.
(c) Disinfection the toilet is performed with washing powder plus 1:100 bleach. 
(d) The cleaning staff take body temperature and record it before going to work every day. Staff will be reassigned if they have a fever.

2019 new coronavirus announcement

In view of the recent spreading of 2019 new coronavirus (2019nCoV), please attend to the following notices so as to maintain the health and safety on campus.
1. All NTHU faculty, staff, and students returning from mainland China, regardless of symptoms, please wear surgical masks, monitor body temperature for 14 days in the morning and evening, avoid public areas, and make a report on the NTHU Website for Disease Control (http://0rz.tw/kZFPt).
2. In case of fever or flu-like symptoms (such as temperature > 37.5°C, cough, running nose, sore throat, etc.):
(1) Within 14 days after returning from high-risk areas (e.g. Mainland China): Please dial 1922 for medical treatment and wear surgical masks according to the instructions. When you seek medical treatment, please inform the doctor of your travel history, contact history, and symptoms.
(2) After returning from other areas: Please wear surgical masks and seek medical treatment. Inform the doctor of your travel history, contact history, and symptoms.
3. Hotline on campus:
​Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Monday to Friday 8-17)
Division of Student Affairs 03-5711814 (24 hours).
4. Continue to wear a surgical mask if respiratory symptoms persist.
5. Classrooms and large-scale activities should be disinfected with diluted bleach. Single exit should be maintained and everyone should take temperature on entrance. Anyone with a fever, should be notified immediately through campus infection report channel.
6. Suggestions for environmental disinfection:
(1) General objects: such as classroom desktops, computer keyboards, elevator panels, stair handles, furniture, kitchen utensils: disinfection using 1:100 diluted bleach (500 ppm)
(2) Surface in bathroom or toilet: disinfection with 1:10 diluted bleach (5000 ppm)
(3) Disinfect the environment at least once a day and use the bleach made that day.
(4) Maintain well cleansed and ventilated indoors.
7. For more information on infectious disease prevention and environmental disinfection on campus, please visit https://www.cdc.gov.tw/En.
8. According to the new regulations of the Ministry of Education, students from Mainland China are asked to cooperate to void violation of the law.
(1) Entrance to Taiwan is suspended until February 9.
(2) Students who have returned to Taiwan before January 26 need to exercise autonomous health management or centralized quarantine management depending on whether they have been to the Wuhan area or not. Failing to abide by the health monitoring regulations is a violation of Article 48 of the "Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Law", and can be punished with a penalty ranging from NT$60,000 to 300,000 in accordance with Article 67 of the same law. For NTHU students, please also make a report on the NTHU Website for Disease Control (http://0rz.tw/kZFPt).
9. For those students who are affected by the disease and cannot return to continue their study on campus in time, we will refer to the Ministry of Education's recommendations and make special arrangements. Registration for the semester may be postponed up to 6 weeks. In the event that registration within 6 weeks is not possible and there is no other alternative course plan in place, it is recommended that students take a leave of the semester because one-third of the semester has passed. The leave of absence will not be counted towards the graduation regulation. More information on course selection, performance assessment, and leave of absence, please refer to the announcements on our website. Questions related to courses can be sent to the Academic Affairs Office: academic@my.nthu.edu.tw or contact us at +886 3 5719134 during office hours.
Once again, please be reminded to attend to you nutrition, sleep, exercise, mood, water intake, and rest in order to maintain immune resistance. Wash your hands with soap, wear a surgical mask, reduce access to closed spaces and poorly ventilated areas. Any symptoms of fever, cough, muscle ache, and physical discomfort, please call Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Monday to Friday 8-17) or Division of Student Affairs 03-5711814 (24 hours).