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When entering the premises of the university, please scan the QR Code to check in.(109.3.26)

NTHU's Computer & Communication Center has developed the "Campus Wide Electronic Check In system" in response to the novel coronavirus epidemic. The system will track the movement of students, faculty, and staff within the campus. Check in stations have been set up in each building and will help the creation of a virus prevention map.
How to use:
1. Using your smartphone, please fill in your student ID number or staff ID number when using the system for the first time. For persons from outside of the school, please fill in your National ID number, name, phone number, and Email. After entering the data, you only need to scan the QR Code to check in when entering buildings, classrooms, and offices on campus in the future.
2. The movement data will help coordinate virus prevention quickly and send epidemic prevention alarms effectively. Therefore, the school would like all persons to scan the QR Code before entering or leaving buildings on campus.
3. To protect personal information, the back end information is processed by the school's Computer & Communication Center and will only be used for epidemic prevention measures. If a department/office would like to access the data, an application must be submitted.
When entering
When leaving
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