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NTHU Pandemic Precaution Q&A(110.5.17)

5/18 updated15. Lab epidemic prevention rules

  1. How will commencements (university and department levels) be conducted?

A: According to announcement by the Ministry of Educations on 1100515, all commencements will be conducted on-line.

  1. When does remote learning end? Are there report channels?

A:  All courses will be conducted remotely from May 17th to June 11th. The Office of Academic Affairs has established a reporting site for courses not conducted remotely.


  1. How will oral defense for graduate students be conducted?

A: Starting from May 17th to June 11th, oral defense for graduate students should in principle be conducted online, without the need for additional approval.


  1. How will departmental and institutional transfers be conducted?

A: Transfers will be performed online.


  1. Can examinations still take place physically?

A: Examinations from May 17th to May 28th need to be conducted remotely. Examination method after May 28th will be announced subject to further assessments.

  1. The number of temperature measurement station and location on campus?

A: In regard to the pandemic alerts and effective lowering in campus population, the number of temperature measurement stations will be reduced to 8.

Main campus stations can be found near: north gate, south gate, west gate, Division of Student Housing, College of Humanity, sky-walk of Feng-Yun building, and main library.
Nanda campus: main gate.

7. What is the campus entrance policy effective May 16th ?

(1) Open entrances

A Main campus: north, south, and west gates remain open 24 hours. East gate and Faculty Housing side gate are open only during rush hours.

Nanda campus: main gate remains open 24 hours.


(2) Can students ask relatives to enter campus to assist moving?

A: Relatives are allowed to assist students in moving out if (1) the student is present on the car with valid NTHU ID card, or (2) student receives the relatives at the campus gate in person.

(3) Can non-NTHU personnel with business with the post office or the NTHU clinic enter our campus?

A: These non-NTHU personnel could enter under the guidance of staffs of post office or NTHU clinic and subject to information enlisting (name, National ID, contact info, date and time).

(4) Are NTHU alumni and retired personnel allowed to enter?

A: Starting from May 18th NTHU alumni and retired personnel (including dependents) are not allowed to enter the campus unless for official purposes.

5Are family members living in campus housing allowed to enter?

A: They are allowed to enter subject to valid NTHU dependent ID card.

8. What are the campus building policies? How can laboratories increase prevention awareness?

A: All personnel enter a building are subject to real-name enlisting via scanning of QR code. Same policy applies to laboratories. Tele-communications are encouraged whenever possible to reduce physical interactions.

Personnel entering a laboratory must wear a facial mask all the time. The lab space must remain ventilated, doors and windows shall be kept open if air conditioning is on. Cleaning and disinfection should be performed after research activities. Avoid sharing facilities (such as public computer or USB drive) whenever possible.

9. Are there restrictions to social events?

A: (1) Meetings (all levels within NTHU and lab meetings) could be conducted either remotely or physically. If physical meeting is conducted, attendees must adhere to social distancing (> 1.5 m distance) and wear facial mask for the whole time.

(2) Talks, seminars, training activities should be conducted remotely, postponed, or cancelled.

10. Should public space in student dormitories be closed?

A: The decision is subject to the conclusion of dormitory leaders.

11. Are sport facilities closed?

A: All sport facilities are closed after 4 PM of May 15th.

12. Should campus bus between the two campuses be reduced in view of remote learning?

A: The Office of General Affairs will make rearrangements subject to evaluations.

13. What is the policy for public bus route 83?

A: The bus can still enter NTHU campus, but only NTHU personnel with a valid NTHU ID card can get on/off the bus.

14. What are the human resource utilization and office contingency measures in response to the epidemic?

A:(1) Colleagues living in Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Taoyuan City will work at home for two weeks from May 17th to May 28th.

(2) From May 18th to May 28th, the administrative units could wither split the working space or adopt flexible working. Flexible working hours can be from 7:30 to 10:00 in the morning, and flexible off hours are from 4:30 to 7:00 in the afternoon.

(3) Further inquiries shall be addressed to MS. You of the Office of Personnel (ext. 34571; ttyu@mx.nthu.edu.tw).

15. Can graduate students go to labs to conduct experiments on 5/19-28?

A: NTHU has started the school-wide remote learning mode until 6/11. All faculties and students are encouraged to communicate via video conferencing. Please do not go to the lab to conduct experiments. If for important research, it is necessary to conduct experiments during the period of 5/19-28, please follow the regulations of CDC, and keep less than 5 people in a room at all times. In addition, all personnel entering the room must record their names, measure the body temperature, wear masks, and keep at least 1.5 m social distance.

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