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COVID-19 Emergency Measures in Laboratory of NTHU(110.5.18)

1. Because of the elevated COVID-19 threat level, the Ministry of Education just announced that students from all levels stop going to schools starting from 5/19 to 5/28. NTHU has started the school-wide remote learning mode until 6/11. All faculties and students are encouraged to communicate via video conferencing. Please do not go to the lab to conduct experiments. If for important research, it is necessary to conduct experiments during the period of 5/19-28, please follow the regulations of CDC, and keep less than 5 people in a room at all times. In addition, all personnel entering the room must record their names, measure the body temperature, wear masks, and keep at least 1.5 m social distance. The lab PIs must regulate the personnel presence in the lab, and avoid more than 5 people in a room at any time.
2. Each building and laboratory shall cooperate with campus body temperature measurement operations. It’s necessary to conduct personnel control at the entrance and exit of the building by real-name QR code scanning and registration.
3. The laboratory must remain ventilated, doors and windows shall be kept open if air conditioning is on. Cleaning and disinfection should be performed after research activities. 
4. The treatment of laboratory wastes is following with the relevant regulations of ESH. (https://nesh.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/412-1009-12636.php?Lang=zh-tw).
5. Avoid sharing facilities (such as public computer or USB drive) whenever possible.
6. Please reduce cross-experimental activities and avoid gatherings, when possible. It’s better to use the cellphone or telephone to communicate with each other.

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