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Important information regarding COVID-19:From the Office of Academic Affairs(110.5.25)

Dear faculty and students,

In response to the spread of COVID-19, the followings are the matters regarding the courses, assessment, and others.
1. All courses should be conducted via remote instruction from May 17th to June 25th.
2. Faculty of lab courses, on-campus practice courses, physical education courses, and service-learning courses can guide the students to develop their self-directed learning plans. The self-directed learning plan can include reading designated materials, watching complementary videos, or reporting self-learning results. All the learning results and assignments can be uploaded to the e-learning platform.
3. Assessments for the remote learning courses: Faculty may assess students by multiple formats, including written reports or assignments (via electronic submission), oral presentations (online or recorded), online discussions, online open-book tests. To avoid disputes about the final grades, faculty should announce the adjusted assessment methods and the corresponding grading rubrics in advance.
4. Faculty should pay attention to student’s learning outcomes during the period of remote teaching and check teaching effectiveness (according to the notification from the Ministry of Education on May 15th).
5. Regarding the MS and Ph.D. thesis defense: We recommend that all the thesis defenses are held online from May 17th to July 31st (the end of this semester). Prior application is not required. Should the thesis defense be conducted face-to-face, all participants should follow the social distancing rule of 1.5 meters in a room and wear a mask at all times.

No more than five students in the lab 

NTHU has started the campus-wide remote learning mode from May 17th to June 25th. All faculty and students are encouraged to communicate via video conferencing. Please do not conduct any experiments in the lab. If it is required to conduct experiments before June 25th, please follow the regulations of CDC and keep no more than 5 persons in a room at all times. In addition, every person entering a lab must leave the name, measure the body temperature, wear a mask, and keep the social distance of at least 1.5 meters during the experiment.

Office of Academic Affairs
May 25th, 2021


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