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Important information regarding COVID-19:From the Office of Academic Affairs(110.6.9)

1. All courses (including the summer courses) should be conducted via remote instruction until August 27th. If the pandemic eases in summer (CDC will announce the pandemic alert level frequently), summer courses and their final exams can be changed to in-person mode (classroom teaching). However, faculties should note the potential change of teaching and exam-taking modes in the syllabus.
2. In response to the elevated COVID-19 pandemic, the CDC has announced that a third level of the national pandemic alert is extended to June 28th. All faculties and students are encouraged to communicate remotely. Please do not conduct any experiments in the lab. If it is required to conduct experiments before June 28th, please follow the regulations of CDC and keep no more than 5 people in a room at all times. In addition, every person entering a lab must leave the name, measure the body temperature, wear a mask, and keep social distance of at least 1.5 meters during the experiment.

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