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Moderate adjustment to facilities anti-epidemic measures(110.7.15)

In accordance to the Central Epidemic Command Center’s (CECC) moderate loosening of Level 3 Alert, NTHU will adjust its anti-epidemic control measures starting on July 15th. The restricted reopening is for NTHU personnel only and users must abide to the regulations mandated by CECC, notably:

  1. Wearing mask all the time, while maintaining social distancing (> 1 m when outdoor).
  2. Outdoor gatherings with more than 10 participants are prohibited.
  3. No sharing of sporting equipment.
  4. Avoid physical contact.
  5. Team competition disallowed.
  6. Real-name register enforced.

  1. Indoor facilities remain closed.
  2. Outdoor facilities:
  1. Track and Field: open.
  2. Valleyball court: maximum of 8 people per court.
  3. Basketball court: basic dribble only, maximum of 8 people per court.
  4. Baseball field: no sharing of sporting equipment.
  5. Tennis court: maximum of 2 people per court.

Users must abide to these regulations. The Physical Education Office will perform inspections and will close the facilities if the users fail follow the regulations.

Opening hours for the facilities can be found: http://nthupeo.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/412-1265-14409.php

NTHU Physical Education Office

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