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NTHU Latest Epidemic Information(111.4.11)

Our university received a notification on April 10 that there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 who has been in isolation and treatment. Division of Health Service in the university continues to care for the case. 

The Tomb Sweeping consecutive holidays began on April 2, and the university also began to have holidays. The Health Bureau has confirmed that there was no footprint in the campus from the infectious period to the time of being diagnosed with COVID-19 for the confirmed case. In addition, there was no contact with the teachers and students in the university and therefore the Health Bureau has not identified any potential contacts. After inquiring with the competent education and health authorities, normal classes will be maintained. 

Please abide by the epidemic prevention regulations and measures to maintain the safety of individuals, families and campuses. Those who are notified of home isolation or home quarantine should perform self-health management for another 7 days after their quarantine period terminates. During the isolation or quarantine period, the individual should not come to campus and Immediately contact with: Division of Health Service 03-5743000 (Office Hour Monday to Friday 8:00 AM-17:00 PM) or Student Assistance Division 03-5711814 (24 hours).

Furthermore, who entry after Mar. 7th should log in to the Academic Information Systems-->Health care-->Questionnaire and Activity Registration-->Survey on Epidemics and complete the survey. More information please check on web page of Division of Health Service.

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