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Before enterin
1. Incoming students need to present negative results of COVID-19 tests that are examined within three days before boarding.
2. The location of 14-day home quarantine must be limited to epidemic prevention hotels, group quarantine stations, or off-campus quarantine dormitories that follow one-person one-household regulations and have passed the inspection by the command center and local health and administrative units.

Precautions for home quarantine
1. Right after 14-day home quarantine, the incoming students need to immediately follow another self-health management for 7 days.
2. After the quarantine and self-health management, the students need to take COVID-19 tests again. Note that this time the fee of the COVID-19 test will be reimbursed by Taiwan Government. Those who pass the test can go out and return to campus.

Inspection after home quarantine
1. For those who stay in group quarantine stations: one day before the expiration of the quarantine period, the group quarantine stations will help arrange the personnel from the responsible hospitals to the group quarantine stations for the demanded COVID-19 test. After the expiration of the quarantine period, the students can leave the group quarantine stations if they pass the COVID-19 test.
2. For those who stay in epidemic prevention hotels: 
the next day after the expiration of the quarantine period, the students should take the COVID-19 test at the hospital that will be arranged by the university in advance. On the wayg to the hospital, the university will arrange special vehicles and follow up the protective measures.
3. The testing after the quarantine period for the students in prevention hotels is necessary. During quarantine period, if students have taken COVID-19 tests owing to the fever, abnormal smell/taste, diarrhea or respiratory symptoms, then these students must take the test again on the next day after the expiration of the quarantine period.